They Say

I’ve been told that quickly adopting a new pet after the loss of an old one can help heal heartbreak, I lost my Simba on September 24 and the thing is I don’t want to quickly deal with the loss, it would diminish all Simba meant to me. I now know what everyone has been telling me in comments on all my social media sites: pets become family, they are no longer just animals, they are as real (sometimes even more so) as any human family member. Simba showed me that for the first time, he found a place in my heart that I never knew existed.

Yes, he was a scraggly looking stray when he first showed up, but there were no signs of him being feral, he warmed up to me almost immediately, and I to him. I’ve never experienced a human relationship like that!

Simba found me, I didn’t find him. I hope he sends word to another like him from his final resting place over the Rainbow Bridge. Until then I’ll be hoping to be found again. I love and miss you terribly my Simba.

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A Big Loss

I have never ever felt such a hole in my heart like the one I’m feeling now. My beloved feline Simba is gone, I found him lying lifeless on Tuesday morning, September 24. It was more than likely heart failure, sudden, and without warning. I’m not one to cry, but tears flowed freely off and on for several days. 

Simba came to me, I had no part in his being here, he must’ve known what I’d do, what else could I do? It was late March, temperatures at night were in the 20s and 30s, he made his appearance on the back porch, almost nightly before I knew he aimed to get a bite to eat. So we left food, and water for the skinny and brawny but handsome young man.

A trip to the local vet was scheduled and after a few more days and nights of free dinner and a warm cloth-filled box to sleep in, I finally lured Simba into a pet carrier. Suprisingly, he didn’t get very upset about being caged. I felt like he kind of knew it was going to be alright  and that I would take care of him. And so I did. 

What a short but love-filled life he had! Simba created a place of his own in my heart, and he will live there now, never to be forgotten. 

Rest in peace Simba, you gave me something that no human could have! I love you and miss you terribly.