Emotions hurt writing


Is it normal to become more sensitive as you age? And I don’t mean sensitive in the physical sense, I’m talkin about things that hurt your feelings, or as a friend of mine often tells me, your “one feeling.”

My one feeling has been hurt an awful lot lately. And I keep thinking I shouldn’t let things bother me like that, but then why should I have to apologize for being sensitive? Why shouldn’t the “other person” make an attempt to be just a teeny bit more caring? Even an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit more caring.

It’s not that “other person” is mean, cruel, or doing things on purpose that hurt my “one feeling,” and in all honesty “other person” is a loving, caring individual, most of the time. But we all have our faults.

I suppose aging causes certain short circuits. I’ve not researched this phenomena but I have no doubts that I’ve gotten more sensitive as I’ve aged. Maybe writing about it will help, and so I reckon it’s time to get started on an introduction to my forthcoming book: “An Aging Male and His One Hurt Feeling.”