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Why you’ll never win an argument with your wife

I’m utterly amazed at my brain’s inability to grasp the fact that it (i.e., me) will never EVER, EVER be able to win an argument against the brain of a woman (i.e., my wife). Try as it might, with all those millions of neurons firing every which way, it’s just a helpless, hapless and hopeless attempt. It’s kind of explained in the video below, but to get the full gist of it, you must: a. Be married to a woman. b. Been married to a woman. c. Argued with a woman. d. All of the above.

Even before the argument starts, I know I’ll not win. Shortly after the disagreement presents itself  my brain is telling me to shut up. “You know you’re not going to get anywhere!”  And yet, I do it anyway. Why? Male competitiveness of course,  fueled by that ever present hormone we store in endless quantities – testosterone. I’ll keep doing it, and I’ll keep losing, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop wishing for a win.



Warm weather means free your feet!

I’ve decided to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while: get a pedicure. And I know my tootsies will thank me for it! A few of my male friends think I’m odd, and they’re put off by the fact that I like my feet and toes to be clean, neat, well-kept, and, dare I say….pretty?!? There’s not much I can do to change the shape of my toes, but I can make them happier by keeping their nails clean and polished.

Polished? Did I just say I like my toenails polished? Well, yes, I suppose I do. But guys (and gals) what’s wrong with that? And so what if I might like to have a colored nail or two once in while!? Does that affect your physical and/or mental wellness?? Some of you act like it does. So, do me a favor this summer when we run into each other, if you happen to look down at my toes while we’re talking – if you can’t say something nice about them, don’t say anything at all! And don’t worry, I won’t be asking you what you think of them either.

Men, do yourselves a HUGE favor – if you’ve never had a pedicure, get one, whether you need it or not! And if you think it’s not manly, read this.

My 56-year old feet and toes appreciated their first pedicure.

My sister nailed me recently because I sent her a picture of my painted toenail (she had been painting the nails of a friend). She thought there was something wrong with me and we got into a very lengthy discussion about what it says in the Good Book about homosexuality. In the end we agreed to disagree but I didn’t know that men with pretty feet and toes caused homophobia.