Who is TC?

Googled: About 15,700,000 results

Binged: 3,820,000 RESULTS

There’s been at least one blogger and lots of personal friends, online and off, who’s asked me what my initials stand for. Which got me to wondering about myself. I’m sure many of you have wondered about yourselves too. And you’ve probably done what I’ve done out of curiosity. Of course this gives us no true meaning of who we really are, and when I offer my name “TC Conner” to new friends it’s not meaningful to them either. Nor is your name meaningful to me.

I’m going to reveal my full name within the next several minutes, see if it answers the question: Who is TC Conner?

Most of us named our children before they arrived. My wife and I did very little research, or put much forethought into the names we chose; two boys and two girls, four names chosen based on the sex of each child, and the names of our parents and/or siblings.

When you think about your name, does it tell you anything about your sentient being? My answer is no, other than something used as evidence of my existence, my name means nothing; it’s just 17 letters of the alphabet.

I asked my mother about my name, her answer wasn’t significant, she’s no longer with us so I can’t ask her again. I wanted to know why she chose my name.  Maybe she saw it in a Names for Boys list somewhere, home computers didn’t exist so I know she didn’t see it online. I never thought about asking my father, and now he’s gone too so it’s impossible to know if he came up with it. I associate my name with names for girls, not boys. That’s always bothered me a little, not in a bad way, in a way that makes me wonder if Mom was hoping for another girl.

I have a terrible memory, especially when it comes to remembering the name of a new acquaintance. I’d much rather know what that person’s favorite song is and then use a name of my own choosing. I’ve often thought about changing my name, but haven’t taken myself seriously, yet. I would probably choose “L&N” for my new name.

When you give someone your name are you giving them nothing more than letters?

Here are my 17 letters: Terry Carson Conner.

Who is he?

Maybe I'm Lavandula
Maybe I’m Lavandula