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The Long Wait

I know winter is almost here when I roll up my garden hose and store it in the basement. The supply line to the outside faucet is shut off and the rain barrel has been removed from under the downspout and is stored in the basement as well. All yarden decorations that can’t weather the cold have also been stowed away. It leaves a look of desolation to the landscape.

The long wait for spring’s regrowth has begun. This will be my 26th winter season here in western Pennsylvania. 25 years ago I left Kentucky in search of a new life. It’s been a prosperous journey for the most part. The cold and snowy winters of western PA are a necessary part of the continuing journey. And I have no immediate plans to end the trip just yet.

So, I’ll store my garden hose, get out the winter coat and hat, and maybe write a song or three while I wait for spring.