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Trying and Trialing New Stuff

Spear Head Spade had a booth at the Philadelphia Flower Show this past March and that tool’s arrowhead shape caught my eye while I was walking by and  I had to stop for a closer look. Julien Mathieu, SHS President, said I’d not see such a special shape, “a revolutionary ‘Patent Pending’ profile,” on any other shovel. I told Julien that I was a garden writer and he suggested I give their product a trial run in my own garden.  I decided to take him up on his offer and chose the SHFD2 41-inch spade.

Spear Head Spade

Folks, let me tell ya, this little gem gets the job done! The only thing I’ve not tried to do with it yet, which will be my ultimate test, is divide a well-established clump of pampas grass. This clump of grass sits at the end of my driveway and I need another matching clump on the other side. But I’ve been putting off the chore of digging and dividing because I remember how tough that chore was when I dug up the original clump that’s there now; it was a HUGE LABOR OF LOVE!! that turned into a sweaty laborious task that practically did me in! Go try digging up a section of concrete highway and you’ll understand where I’m coming from!

I’ve not seen shovel heads sporting this unique design shape.

I’ve used it to:

  • Dig out Canadian thistle – the slender and unique blade design allows you to slice down deep, and makes it easy to get the entire tap root!
  • Make planting holes for all kinds of annuals, perennials and vegetables.
  • Slice into an encrusted, dried, pile of clayey top soil – it was like slicing through soft butter!
  • Dig out a square foot section of sod – again I say it was like slicing through soft butter!
  • Scoop out bark mulch, the blade isn’t wide enough to get a large scoop, but WOW! is it OH SO EASY to get down into the middle of the pile to loosen it up for a pitch fork or garden fork.
Canadian thistle is no match for the Spear Head Spade!

I haven’t decided when I’ll be dividing that clump of pampas grass, but I’m certain that my Spear Head Spade will make it much more easier than when I dug up the original clump using a regular shovel.

For a listing of where you might find this great new garden tool in your area, click here. And if you’d like to contact Julien, go here.

From time to time I get offers to trial gardening products, plants, and tools. If I choose to trial any product I am obligated to offer my readers an honest opinion on whether or not I’d recommend the use of the product in his or her garden or landscape. My evaluation is based on many things: ease of use, price to consumer, quality of product, performance of product as described by manufacturer/nursery/organization or company, and other factors.