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The people(?) have spoken

I said I believe Christine Blasey-Ford and still do. I also said that I didn’t think Kavanaugh belonged on the highest court in the nation, and I still believe that too. But regardless of what I might believe regarding Kavanaugh or Blasey-Ford, Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh, and Blasey-Ford is….what?

Will Christine Blasey-Ford go down in history as a strong and brave voice for millions of women (and men) who’ve suffered through the shame and mental anguish of sexual assault? Will her courageous testimony to the senate bring a louder voice to the #MeToo movement?

What about Justice Kavanaugh. The word “justice” in front of “Kavanaugh” doesn’t sit right with me. It’s skewered by his angry and uppity attitude when he gave his testimony during the senate hearing. Is that the demeanor he’ll be using as Justice Kavanaugh?

Time will tell in both instances.

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She said, he said, he said he didn’t, she said he did…

Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford had their say in front of millions of people. I watched all of her testimony, and a lot of his. My vote for innocence or guilt: she speaks the truth, he doesn’t. I’ll keep it that simple. But, of course, it never is that simple.

I honestly think Ford was more sincere and credible than Kavanaugh. He just seemed mad, even though I noticed him holding back tears, it didn’t convince me that he wasn’t a liar. He sounded boastful and proud of all that he had accomplished in school, being selected for Yale, blah…blah…blah…you ain’t no higher in life just because you’re a Yale graduate! Smarter in matters pertaining to law? Perhaps. Perhaps you’re also a smart liar.

Will we ever know the honest to goodness truth? I doubt it. I was hoping to hear Kavanaugh admit to being an asshole teenager, I was thinking he might be humble and confess that he did something stupid and wrong. Instead all I saw was a very angry man who admitted to nothing more than liking beer!

My sister was complaining that there was nothing else to watch on TV. My wife complained that she couldn’t watch the news because the hearing was preempting regular broadcasting. Both wondered why it demanded such network television coverage. I wondered why they wondered.