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“It’s not gardening season anyway.”

Yes folks, that’s what I was told when I asked why my gardening column wasn’t appearing in it’s regular spot in the local paper. I was also told that strict space limitation requirements were being put into place that would, figuratively speaking, shove my column out into the cold gray snowy and lonely winter landscape!

My column has appeared regularly for the past seven winters and even though some may think that “it’s not gardening season anyway” there are many interesting things to be said about the winter landscape. The simple explanation is this: the editor of the paper is pissed off at me and is getting revenge by not publishing my articles. I have upset someone and I think it’s caused them to omit my column. Of course proving such an accusation would be next to impossible. But it’s probably not an uncommon consequence when editors and their freelance writers get into a disagreement.

I suppose it’s time to move on, seven is my lucky number and the new year is only days away! My writing is good enough for any newspaper, gardening magazine, or book publisher and if it ceases to be included in my hometown newspaper, I’ll find a new home for it!

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