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Do you have one or two things, or routines, that you do on a regular basis? For example, my morning routine: wake up to music at 5:50 AM, put my jammies on (I sleep naked if you’re wondering, if you weren’t wondering don’t read this parenthetical thought) and proceed downstairs to greet Keurig good morning. While it’s keurilating I wet my hair, and wash my face with a cold wash cloth, yes, I said a cold wash cloth, even in winter, then I use a toothbrush with toothpaste on my tongue and upper roof of my mouth and all around inside. This destroys morning breath and is good oral hygiene. I have been following this same morning routine for as long as I can remember.

Routines can, and in lots of cases do, turn into habits. I read an interesting thing about forming habits, maybe you’ve visited Brain Pickings and saw the piece there too. I read that sometimes it can take up to a year for something to become habitual. And that the harder the task or routine is that you’re attempting to turn into a habit, the longer it takes to become a habit. My morning routine is easy and I bet it wouldn’t take long at all to become habitual for anyone else.

I think it’s odd that forming a bad habit like smoking didn’t take me very long. I guess it was the coolness factor that made it seem like it didn’t take long. I quit the smoking routine in 2003, after about 35 years of nicotine addiction.

I’m trying to establish a writing routine of some sort. Be it songwriting or short fiction pieces, and even a habitual blog post. Something different from my monthly gardening article. Something that you’ll want to read. Something that makes your brain use its dictionary. I think if your brain did that you would probably have to make reading a habit.

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Writing a novel (maybe)

I took the plunge, if you can call it that.

I started my first serious attempt at writing fiction. Chapter 1 is complete, and I’m almost at 2 pages on Chapter 2. I’ve not titled it yet, maybe something will come to me later. I have no idea how many pages should be in each chapter, and didn’t really know when Chapter 1 would be complete. I didn’t even know what I’d write about until I Googled “writing prompts.” I guess there’s really no set procedure, is there? Maybe I should get some pointers from my good friend LK Hunsaker who’s written several books, she’s the one I blame for putting this novel idea in my head!

And the ideas just keep coming. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1:

She always watched for Teewolfe as soon as she took to the air because she knew it would be searching for her. As she got more experience flying, it became harder for Teewolfe to get close to her and Lesley knew that if Teewolfe ever caught her she would be eaten. Chewed. Swallowed. Digested. Dead.

I’ve gotten several early reviews; my wife said it’s hard to follow but the writing’s good, my 19-year old son said he can’t wait to read more, and my 17-year old daughter said “interesting.” This encourages me to write more, even though the reviewers are probably a little biased.