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A Memoir? Perhaps.

I think I need to write it all down for those that’ll be here when I’m gone. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get it completed before I take off and submit it for publication somewhere. After all, I am a writer, or at least schooled a little bit in that field of study. Unfortunately, I can’t find a full time job as a writer, so I struggle along doing freelance work as it becomes available. I’m kind of afraid to start writing about my life, afraid that what I say won’t sound too good. But I’ve been told that those types of sounds are what most people want to hear. I should probably do some research first on how to go about writing a memoir. When I was in college there was mention of memoir writing, but no actual writing of one; our class read Gerda Weissmann Klein’s memoir (called Holocaust literature) – All But My Life (Copyright 1957, 1995 by Gerda Weissmann Klein). I should read it again before I start mine.

Gerda’s preface to All But My Life:

As I finish the last chapter of my book, I feel at piece, at last. I have discharged a burden, and paid a debt to many nameless heroes, resting in their unmarked graves. For I am haunted by the thought that I might be the only one left to tell their story.

Happy in my new life, I have penned the last sentence of the past. I have written my story, with tears and with love, in the hope that my children, safely asleep in their cribs, should not awake from a nightmare and find it to be reality.

My Nightmare.  Maybe that’ll be the title of my memoir. Sounds scary doesn’t it?

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‘Only the lonely…’

I’m very fortunate to know a bunch of kind-hearted, helpful people within the writing community. But it’s taken a while to develop that relationship, I’ve been peckin out words for my weekly gardening articles for eight years, and I’ve been a member of the Garden Writers Association for seven. You’d think that I would’ve gotten to know a bunch of writers during that time, but I haven’t. I only know a handful by name, and practically all of those are online contacts only.

In some ways, writing is a lonely profession. And I’m not even sure if the type of writing I do can be classified as a profession – Freelance Writer – doesn’t sound very professional does it? Nevertheless, it’s something I’ve chosen to do, without really giving much thought beforehand about whether or not it’d pay a bill or two. But I think I limit myself by not writing about other stuff; surely there’s more to write about besides gardening. The dilemma for me is finding out how.

Progress on Through the Seasons is coming along nicely. I’ve got all the articles in, and I’m adding illustrations by  my brother, Donald Conner, as quick as he gets them to me, and some “knuckle draggin” essays are also tucked in. Ms. Betty Mackey has made several great suggestions that I’ve taken into consideration, LK Hunsaker has also offered advice and tips, and bloggers like Walk2Write, and Kylee, among others have inspired me as well.

I owe a special debt of thanks to Phillip Hartsock, with Linfork Publishing, who is helping me with all the major formatting for Through the Seasons with The Write Gardener. I’m looking forward to its spring debut!!